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Rainbow Star Ent. Co., Ltd.

High quality products and improved technology in nail cosmetics

When the highest quality standards, creativity & cost efficiency come together to offer the best choice for your own cosmetics brands.

 Flexibility, quality, competitive prices and short lead-time are the success factors that make Rainbow Star Ent., Co., Ltd. a reliable and long-term partner in private label cosmetics industry.

Rainbow Star Ent., Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-Chinese manufacturing joint-venture established in 2008 in Hong Kong , China. Making use of EU technologies combined with Chinese facilities, European Cosmetics has developed high quality products and improved technology in nail cosmetics in compliance with USA and European quality standard.

Rainbow Star proposes a large choice of colors, effects and accessories. Thanks to our factory’s proximity, we are able to meet our clients’ requests easily (OEM).

Upon customer’s request, Rainbow Star is also capable of developing high quality products such as advanced fancy comcept,formulas, color matching, color development and customization (ODM).

Rainbow Star is committed to product quality and customer service. Our team cares to support each customer through each step from the initial meeting to the reception of your order, including the elaboration of a unique offer (color selection, packaging and accessories options, printing design, etc.)

We combine our expertise with your expectations to ensure the creation of a high quality private label brand which suits you

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